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Thank you for your interest in our venture capital services.  Our area of expertise is venture capital strategy, preparation, packaging, presentation and developing and negotiating contracts and agreements for start-ups or business expansions.  Our ability to assist you depends on your stage of development and meeting certain criteria as this will have a direct bearing on the capital options available to you.  If you become a client we will package and present you to the most appropriate and efficient capital sources that are the best fit based on the nature of your project, type of business or startup venture and stage of development.

Before we present you to potential investors we review your business plan to insure that it is investor-ready.  This means making sure that your business plan meets certain standards and includes the following:

After reviewing your business plan, we will make our recommendations and make all needed changes or rewrite it if we believe this is the best course of action. 

Adequate preparation is essential to be successful in raising venture capital and we will conduct a readiness assessment to insure that clients are ready for potential investors.  This includes making sure that you have samples and proto-types ready; investor materials are available; resumes of the management team are available; your books and tax returns are current and in order; there are no outstanding litigation; patents and copyrights have been filed; contracts, agreements and leases are available for inspection; company assets have been inventoried; accounts receivables and accounts payables aging lists are available; proper accounting and financial controls are in place; insurance is in force and there is adequate coverage and many other issues that potential investors are likely to ask you about.  

Image is very important in raising capital, so we will make recommendations to improve your image.  If you don't have a suit, we recommend that you get one.  We we all make sure that you have a complete investor package that includes the business plan, PowerPoint presentation, technical white papers, samples, brochures, proto-types and an informational website for potential investors.  We will also coach you so you can pitch your venture or business expansion project, tell you what to say and not to say and hold your hand so you are well prepared for the "hot seat" when the opportunity comes. 

If you are raising over a million in venture capital you may require a private placement memorandum or PPM.  A PPM is in the right investment structure and form for sophisticated or angel investors and venture capital firms and expedites the capital raising process.  If you are not familiar with a PPM we encourage to read our PPM section.       

We wish it were possible to assist every entrepreneur who comes to us with a deal, but we have to concentrate on deals that exhibit some or all of the following criteria:

We are generalists and have no particular preference as to industry or stage of development, and prefer existing businesses and startups that can demonstrate a successful business model through sales and profitability plus a huge upside potential, but if you lack this we will consider all factors in our decision. 

We will not consider deals that are highly speculative or risky, adult or lifestyle-oriented, films or musical productions, concerts or sports events, oil or mineral explorations and deals that are controversial in nature. 

If you believe that I can be of assistance to you kindly complete our Venture Capital Questionnaire.


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If you ever have the opportunity to actually meet with the partners or principals of a venture capital firm to pitch your deal you should be prepared to answer a lot of questions.  This is an opportunity for VC firm to meet you and your management team, evaluate your deal and feel each other out for that all important chemistry.   VC firms are very busy so this first meeting will generally last between 15 to 30 minutes.  If things go very well, the meeting may go a bit longer.  However, this is not always an indication of the degree of interest in your company or venture.   Your preparation and how you answer the questions posed to you at this first meeting can make or brake you, so come prepared.  The following links are interviews with the principals of several top VC firms.  They talk about the things they look for in a management team, the financial projections assumptions and the due diligence process.  We hope you find them of interest.  

The Management Team

The Business Plan Assumptions

The Venture Capital Due Diligence Process


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