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This is our collection of links for useful information on how to raise VC and angel capital, marketing research, business plans, investor forums and other useful links that I use all of the time to keep abreast of the investment community.  I don't claim this to be the definitive source for information and I do not benefit in any way from listing them on my website.  I will update this list periodically as I find other useful information. Isn't the Internet great!!

[Today's VC Deals] [VC Experts] [Angel Investor FAQS] [Private Equity Intelligence] [Angel Investor News] [Venture Wire] [Who Got Funded?] [Private Placement Deal Log] [Definitive Deal Database] [National Association of Seed and Venture Funds] [Business Plan Myths] [Marketing Research Resources] [European Marketing Research] [Business Plan Software] [Angel Directory] [VC Funding Resources] [Young and Successful] [Writing Successful Business Plans] [Projected Financials] [Small Business Administration] [U.S.Government Grants] [Edgar Online] [Women Owned Businesses] [Government Resources for Minority Businesses] [Capital Connection] [Business Ripoffs] [Real Cheap Web Hosting]

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