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Commercializing Inventions or Intellectual Property


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Every day the U.S. Patent Office issues hundreds of patents for new inventions of all types.  Only 3% ever make money for their inventors.  97% of the inventions either never get commercialized or fail to make money and drop out of the market within one year.   Think about it, 97% of inventions are failures.  The main reasons for new invention failure include poor product design, inadequate market research, underestimated demand for product, poor sales and distribution execution and rushing to market. No matter how good you think your invention is, don't make the mistake of falling in love with your invention.  Loving an invention without doing your homework or a taking the time for an engagement period, like a any relationship, can make all the difference between success and failure. 


Okay, so you have a great new invention--a food product, electronic gadget, piece of high-tech equipment, software application or intellectual property and you want to start making money off your new invention.  Who can blame you.  You've worked hard to come up with the idea, you've perfected it and you believe in your heart that your invention has the potential to make you a rich person.  Hold it right there.  The worst thing that you can do is rush your invention into the marketplace without taking into account the following:


Product concept and design Manufacturing and production
Product proof-of-concept Outsourcing
Product prototyping Packaging
Product confidentiality and protection Pricing
Product valuation Sales and distribution
Market research Marketing and promotions
Target market Staffing
Size of the market Licensing and royalties
Competition Warehousing
Risk analysis Fulfillment and shipping
Financing Customer service and support
Beta-Testing Accounting and finance
Engineering Legal


We are available to assist you from concept to final design, prototyping, beta-testing, assessment and evaluation, market research, engineering, outsourcing, pre-production, production, sales and distribution, marketing and promotions, licensing and determining the best options available to you to launch and commercialize your invention or intellectual property.  Available to provide a complete turnkey solution or work on specific phase of your commercialization project.  


If you would like to know more or believe that we can be of assistance to you, please complete the following questionnaire:


New Invention or Intellectual Property Questionnaire

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