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PBT Consulting's specialty is working with embryonic and very early stage business enterprises.  We serve as your advisor, mentor and coach because you need the most assistance getting organized and focused, developing a successful business model, establishing a business structure, formulating strategic and marketing plans, strategies and tactics.   If you require capital, we serve as your venture capital advisor and facilitator, identify your specific venture needs and requirements, then connect you with potential investors.   


We advise entrepreneurs and business owners with their decision-making:  on strategy, marketing, finances, operations, manufacturing, distribution, technology, organization and staffing.  We are generalists with extensive private industry and business consulting experience in many industry sectors, so chances are very good that we understand your industry space and can provide valuable advice and assistance with the business issues and challenges you face every day.


We assist and advise inventors who require assistance commercializing an invention or valuable intellectual property, entrepreneurs or business owners contemplating a merger or acquisition, investors acquiring real estate property and help you tackle all the difficult issues and challenges you are likely to encounter in launching a new business or expanding an existing business.


We bring strong organizational and communications skills, passion, curiosity, brainstorming and work very closely with each client to find answers and solve problems.   We will never take on a project unless we believe we can help the client and complete it on schedule.


Our forte is writing custom written, investor-ready, compelling and attention grabbing business plans.  We never use templates.  It takes special knowledge, experience and entrepreneurial skills to be able to articulate and add clarity to an idea or vision into a solid business concept, research an industry thoroughly, segment and identity the target market, identify opportunities and threats and develop a successful business model for each business or startup venture. 


In some instances, we will represent clients as their venture capital advisor and facilitator.  We will conduct a due diligence to make sure the client is ready for investors, package you for investor's, develop a capital raising strategy, identify capital sources and potential investors, contact them and make initial introductions.  We also provide coaching so that you are ready to meet with potential investors, avoid common pitfalls and can confidently pitch your deal to investor's.  We will also review and evaluate all term sheets, contracts and agreements and with you, make recommendations and assist you in final negotiations to insure a successful funding.    


Thank you for visiting our website.  Feel free to navigate through our website by clicking on the menu bar or clicking on the links provided below.  If you are visiting us because you need a business plan, we invite you to visit our business plan section and complete our business plan questionnaire, or if you prefer, call or email us directly.



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