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Benefits Of A Professionally Written Business Plan


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As a novice, successful entrepreneur or existing business owner one of the most important undertakings is raising capital to fund a great idea for a new product, commercialize an invention, acquire property, buy a company or finance your company's expansion or future growth.  Whatever your capital source, you will need to demonstrate to potential investors and lenders that you have taken the time to research the market and competition, identified your target customers, developed a business model and have a marketing plan in place to accomplish your goals and achieve success.  In short, you will need a well polished and compelling business plan that will satisfy lenders and get you in front of potential investors.


Business plans can't be just sugar-coated documents, with pie-in-the-sky profit and growth projections, that are written only to raise capital.  Bankers and investors know that every business faces tough competition and a host of problems and hurdles--and they want to see how you will address each of these issues.  Whatever business you are in, you are going to be a lot more successful if you have a solid business plan, and if you really follow it in running your business.  Even if you don't need financing, and even if your business is as small as a lemonade stand, you need a business plan to operate your business and guide you to its full potential. 


A good business plan allows you to look at all of the big issues facing your business or startup venture in a balanced analytical way.  A good business plan helps you take full advantage of your strengths and helps you to discover your competitor's weaknesses.  A good business plan directs all of your business activities in a solid and focused direction.  If you don't have a business plan--or if you don't really follow a business plan--you are leaving your success to chance.  It's a tough, competitive world out there.  Don't leave your success to chance.  Let us help you create for you a solid business plan--and follow it to success.   


A well prepared business plan is an invaluable asset in the arsenal of any startup venture or business--both for raising venture capital, and for formalizing strategic marketing plans and executing strategy.  A well-crafted business plan provides a means to reinforce your vision, develop specific tactics to execute marketing strategy and present your business venture to potential investors in a convincing manner.  It is useful for attracting not just investors, but strategic partners, management team and board members, outside advisors, satisfying landlords and other supporters.  A business plan helps align the interests of investors, potential partners, customers and employees.  It serves as the cornerstone of your launch, growth and expansion activities.


PBT Consulting was founded to assist business startups and mid-to-late stage companies with this critical process.  We have significant experience creating business plans, developing presentations and creating financial models for entrepreneurs located across the country.  We specialize in bringing clarity to complex business concepts and business models and in creating business plans tailored for a sophisticated investor audience.

Benefits of A Professionally Written Business Plan

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