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Business Plan Creation Process

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Business plans are all custom written and thoroughly researched.  We never use business plan templates.  We strive for originality, thoroughness and quality.  All business plans 100% investor-ready.  All stages of development--embryonic, early stage to late stage.  Business plans have a uniqueness, style and structure that fits the nuances and particularities of each venture or business. 


You're getting a proven and experienced business advisor, someone who will openly give you an honest and unbiased opinion, provide a lot of professional advice and council garnered from my nearly thirty years as a business executive with experience in finance, strategic marketing, administration, operations, strategic planning, advertising and promotions, sales and marketing.            


Preparing a business plan is a collaborative endeavor.  We work very closely with each client, including members of your team, throughout the business plan creation process providing valuable high-level strategic advice and counsel.  This could include informal or serious discussions or brainstorming sessions to develop ideas, concepts, models, strategies and tactics that will result in the essential building blocks for your venture.  This is particularly important for embryonic or early stage startups where the principals or management teams are inexperienced.   


Depending on your stage of development we work together in articulating and developing your mission statement, defining your goals and objectives, developing a workable business model, explaining the value proposition, developing a practical marketing plan and positioning statement.  You get to review each section of the business plan as it is completed and have an opportunity to provide additional input or make final changes. 


Business plans could include all or most of the following: Executive summary, mission statement, goals, historic milestones, market analysis, target market, demographic analysis, lifestyle segmentation, competitive analysis, SWOT analysis, keys to success, marketing plan, advertising plan, launch plan, internet plan, publicity plan, operations plan, service plan, sales tactics, management team, staffing plan, business ownership structure (pre-money and post-money) and, if applicable, a valuation of intellectual property, breakeven analysis, investor offering, investment summary and uses of capital, exit strategy, return-on-investment and payback and financial highlights.


Business plans will also include graphs and charts, images, illustrations and, if necessary, explanations of business concepts and intellectual properties.  


If your target market are consumers we will also conduct a demographic analysis and produce geo-demographic maps for your local or regional market.  Can also provide lifestyle segmentation analysis of the consumers in your local or regional market (optional) so you can understand how your target spends their time and money.


Financial projections are based on realistic assumptions and competitive factors.  Financial projections are prepared for either      3 or 6-year timelines.  All standard financial projections include P&L, cash flow, balance sheet, breakeven analysis and return-on-investment and payback analysis plus extensive graphs and charts.          


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