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Background And Qualifications

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My name is Tommy Toy.  I am the founder of PBT Consulting.  I have an MBA in finance and BA in accounting with over twenty-five years as a finance and marketing executive for privately-owned firms or divisions of Fortune 500 companies in the services, manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, internet and personal services industries.  


You must be a good all-around business consultant before you can be a good business plan writer.  What makes me unique is that I have business experience in a broad range of industries and a skill set that includes strategic marketing, business finance, accounting, sales and marketing, internet and brick-and-mortar, digital media, venture capital, regulatory, economics, financial modeling, forecasting, business valuations, inventions and intellectual property commercialization, licensing and franchising and many other skills.   When you combine these skills with street smarts, business savvy and entrepreneurial vision I believe you bring real value to the table and can assist clients at a very high level.        

An active player in raising capital for business startups and existing businesses.  Raised in excess of $50 million throughout my career to finance startups, business expansions, property, plant and equipment and new product or invention commercialization.  

Extensive business, finance and strategic marketing experience with extraordinary creative skills and entrepreneurial vision. Consulted for entrepreneurs and business owners in a broad range of industries and industry segments and have prepared business plans for ventures in various stages of development from embryonic, early stage and late stage.  Satisfied clients located throughout the country. 

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Tommy Toy

PBT Consulting

Concord, CA 94521

Cell: (925) 768-1805

Fax: (925) 676-0693

Email: Turk5555@sprynet.com

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