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"We were looking for a consultant able to understand our business model and turn it into a professionally written business plan.  Extremely detail-oriented, hard working, not leaving any presumptions unverified, Tommy delivered an excellent business plan as well as financial projections that exceeded our expectations.  We are well on our way to be financed and we owe a big portion of our success to PBT Consulting." - Alain Augburger - MyLiveTV, November 2007


"Tommy,  I owe you so much for preparing our business plan.   I want to thank you for the time and effort that you put into it.   You are a master at what you do and the final business plan is excellent compared to what we originally had.   I want to thank you for joining our management team.  We certainly could use someone with your talent.  I feel that your future with our company is very good.  I also want to thank you for helping us find potential investors." - Maryssa D'Angelo - Magic Products, June 2007 


"Hi Tommy.  I wanted to thank you for preparing our business plan and providing so many neat ideas and advice on how to market and promote our business.   My partners and I were very impressed with how you were able to identify our best potential customers and size of each target market.  We were all very impressed with the quality of your work and how quickly you were able to complete it."  - Vince Nguyen - TRANZ Cellular, May 2007   


"Tommy, we have some great news to report .  The business plan that you wrote allowed us to raise $300,000 in seed capital to launch our Company.   The plan provided the key information that we needed to identify the market opportunities and how to target those markets.   The plan also allowed us to improve our management team, develop some important strategic partnerships with some major players, and develop our line of flavors.  We are now in the process of raising a second round to build an extraction facility to meet the needs of the flavorings and fragrances markets.  This also opens the door for biopharmaceuticals with some of the contacts that we have made."  -  Patrick McFadden, Naturel Corporation, Mar 2007


"Tommy, it was an absolute joy working with you.  I greatly appreciate the valuable advice that you offered, your attention to detail and speed with which you completed the project.  The financial projections were absolutely top notch, far more than I expected, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to others.  Again, thank you for everything." - Abdulmalik Al-Amin, Salon de Puro, February 2007


"Tommy, first off, I would like to say I love your service, and we know the business plan you put together for us will put our company in a great position to serve many people worldwide.  I'd like to thank you for your professionalism in setting up on plan.  In a world of Jacks, Queens and Jokers, your service is an Ace card.  I will certainly recommend your service to other business owners" - Marcus Pakeman, H.E.A.L.T.H.E.E. Foundation, November 2006


"Tommy, thank you so much for working with me on my business plan. The recommendations you made and information you provided definitely made a huge difference.  The financials for the investment property are just what I needed.  Also, thank you for the quick property analyzer.  That made my job a lot easier in evaluating properties.  Thank you for everything." - Dionne Small, July 2006   


"Tommy, thank you for the excellent business plan that you prepared for us recently.  My partners were all very impressed with the work that you did.  We submitted the business plan to several investors who are interested in sitting down with us to discuss a line of credit for the dealership.  None of this would've been possible without your help.  I will be happy to recommend you to others, no problem, just ask them to call me.  Great work and many thanks." - Alex Tizenberg, Sprint Auto Sales, July 2006

"Tommy, I could not be happier with the business plan that you wrote.  We were able to obtain our Midland loan thanks to your fantastic work.  You are a true master of your trade.  Thank you for everything." - Mark Mandel, Total Fitness Systems, July 2006

"Thanks for the great job you have done in consolidating all the information and writing our business plan.  God only knows, I tried countless times on my own, but got nowhere fast.  The next step is up to us." - Patrick McFadden, Naturel Corporation, Feb 2006


"If you ever need a business plan I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Toy.  Tommy was able to take the information I provided him and write an excellent business plan for the Montego Charter Group, a startup business venture.  To date we have obtained nearly half the funds that we need.   Without Tommy we never would've made it this far." - Craig Hyde, Oct 2005.


"Tommy, just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that we were able to obtain all the financing. As you know I sold the house in Buford earlier this year and my wife and I now live in Venice, Florida, close to where my daughter lives.  We finally raised the other $250,000 from two investors.  The deal closed last week and we will relocate the Montego to Venice in August.  I will be in Seattle until July 20.  If you are interested, you can join me and my two partners on our maiden voyage.  We will also be stopping in San Francisco.  Maybe we can connect in Frisco.  Just let me know.  I already have two charters booked for October and one in November.  Thanks for everything."  Craig Hyde, July 2005


"We are on the verge of obtaining our first round of funding to expand nationally thanks to the great job that you did on our business plan.  I appreciate the extra effort that you put into this project and have no reservations about recommending you to future clients.  Again, thank you for everything." Charlie Rebich, Feb 2005    


"Tommy took a mediocre and incomplete business plan and financial projections that we had prepared in-house and made them ten times better. Through his efforts we have been able to meet more investors than ever before. Through his efforts, our presentation won "Best of the West" through the Funding Post for the entire State of California.  I would not hesitate to recommend Tommy if you need a great business plan." - Ned Krtolica, President, AdriaComm, 07/04    


"I have reviewed the BP and the Printek financials. They are EXCELLENT! - Bob Livengood, 04/05


"I was in need of someone to write a business plan for me. Tommy Toy was recommended as someone who is very good. They were wrong. Tommy Toy  is "excellent" for putting together a business plan. Absolutely Excellent!  There is absolutely nothing I can say about Tommy other than he is a
master at what is does. Period. Guaranteed." - Bruce Ratner, Ph.D., GenIQ, 9/05


"Tommy has been exceptional in everyway possible.  The business plan and financial projections that he delivered went beyond anything I expected.  Investor's were very pleased with the business plan and commented on how well written it was.  I am happy to say that I was able to obtain the financing that I needed. None of this could've been possible without Tommy.  I wholeheartedly recommend Tommy." - Jonathan Brown, President, Main Street Tan & Spa, 11/03


"We needed a professionally written business plan to acquire the assets of another manufacturer.  We interviewed many writers, but none had the breath of experience and knowledge in mergers and acquisitions like Tommy.  Tommy showed us not only how much the company was really worth, but where we could cut costs if we acquired it.  The business plan he prepared was excellent and complete in every way possible.  We successfully obtain the necessary financing and the deal closed just recently.  We would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Toy.  He is worth every penny."  Ivan Eagleson, V.P Operations, Kelly Specialty Manufacturing, 4/25/05     


"To launch our Amandaline luxury gourmet snack food products we needed a very professionally written business plan.  We hired Tommy because he came very highly recommended by his former clients .  The business plan and financial projections he prepared were excellent, beyond anything we imagined.  I would recommend Tommy without any hesitation." - Florian Bellanger - Amandaline - 06/05       


"I needed a very high-end, complete and very thorough business plan that I could present to one of the top private investors in the biotech sector.  The business plan that had been previously prepared for me by another consultant just did not meet this standard.  Tommy prepared a business plan that was so good that we were able to obtain a $750,000 seed capital commitment to modernize our plant.  If you need the best I would not hesitate to recommend Tommy." - Sammy Gebrebengest, Bethlehem Pharmaceuticals, 2/05


"Our company was growing very fast and without the necessary financing we would not be able to meet our customer orders.  We hired Tommy because he had the background and experience that we needed.  Tommy prepared for us a fantastic business plan.  We were able to obtain a new line of credit and our sales are now projected to double in 2005.  I would not hesitate to give Tommy my unqualified recommendation." - Ken Bay, 8/04  


"My invention is called the Magic Bar and I needed a professionally written business plan to raise capital to manufacture the Magic Bar.  I am a designer and have very high standards and have won many awards for my designs.  If there is an award for business plans Tommy would win first place.  The business plan he prepared allowed me and my wife to obtain the funding that we needed from a private investor.  Tommy also assisted me in other projects and worth every penny." - Andrew Peterson, Urban Tech, 10/04              


"When I met Tommy Toy I had a very rough, but unique idea for an online dating community.  I was amazed at how quickly Tommy was able to grasp what I needed and turn my idea into reality.  The completed business plan was exceptional in every way possible.  Tommy is a true artist and knows exactly what he is doing. I would not hesitate to recommend him." - Matt D'Attilio, 05/05  


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